W7 Caller ID - phone application  that allows you to log phone calls and show them on Computers in your home network (PC and Mac), Windows Media Center, MediaPortal and XBMC. Now with Bluetooth support of smartphones!

 Windows Media Center Caller ID Plugin

Why W7 Caller ID?

  • To know who is calling your landline or smartphone without picking up the phone while you are using your computer or watching TV. From there you have an option to pick up your phone, or to drop unwanted calls. Blocking certain phone numbers, such as the telemarketers, is also an option with our application.

  • With its emphasis on user convenience, W7 Caller ID is the only application that works with smartphones and is able to push network notifications to almost all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Media Center, MediaPortal and XBMC.

  • Check out the Features page for a more detailed features list of this application.

 W7 Caller ID V 3.0.1 released. Go to the Downloads page to get your free 30-day fully functional trial.

W7 Caller ID Supports Smart Phones W7 Caller ID Supports iphone

How Does It Work?


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"Woop! Woop! Finally!.....A Caller ID utility for MCE that actually works! This is absolutely superb and something I've been chasing on forever! Thanks so much for the development and I can confirm that it works perfectly in both windows and MCE environments on the Win 7 platform."