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How to launch W7CallerID at WHS2011 startup 

Sunday, May 13, 2012 10:14:00 AM

Thanks to StardogChampion who posted this instruction on

  1. From your servers desktop, Click on the Start Orb and type task and enter. This will launch the Task Scheduler MMC. Under the Action Pane, select the ‘Create Task’ wizard.

    2. On the General tab, name the task W7CallerID and give it a meaningful description. Next, select the Run whether user is logged on or not radio button, un-check all of the check boxes, and change the Configure for box to Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2.

    3. From the Triggers tab, select the new button to define a new trigger. Select ‘At Startup’ to begin the task and check the ‘Enable’ check box and click ok. All other check boxes can be blank.

    4. From the Actions tab, select the new button to define what action this task will preform. Select the ‘Start a program’ action. Now you can browse to where the W7CallerID server executable file resides, select it and click OK.

    5. On the Conditions tab, you can un-check all of the boxes.

    6. On the Settings tab, Check the ‘Allow task to be run on demand’ and ‘If the running task does not end when requested, force it to stop’ check boxes. Also, select the ‘Do not start a new instance’ option, this prevent the server from starting a second instance of this program. Click OK to complete the task.

    7. Enter your user password and click ok.

    8. This will return you to the Task Scheduler, right-click on the ‘W7CallerID' task and select run. This will start your W7CallerID server application for the first time. In the future, it will start automatically when your server is booted.

This works fine at Windows 7 as well

Apple's Mac Caller ID notification support. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012 4:06:00 PM

Now with VB Script support it is really easy to send Caller ID notificatios to different platforms including Apple's Mac.

Growl v 1.3.3 for MAC is required.

W7 Caller ID Supports Apple's Mac

Add your W7 Caller ID server name to the list of computers and set the password.

growl settings for W7 Caller ID

Add the following line to the "Targets"

C:\Growl\growl_mac.vbs "[name]" "[number]" "[line]" "[time]" "[image]"

W7 Caller ID VB Script sample

Create growl_mac.vbs file, replace IP address and password:

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.Run "c:\Growl\growlnotify.exe """ & Wscript.Arguments.Item(0) & "\n" & Wscript.Arguments.Item(1) & "\n(" & Wscript.Arguments.Item(2) & ")"" /t:""W7 Caller ID"" /i:""C:\Users\Public\Documents\W7CallerID\" & Wscript.Arguments.Item(4) & """ /host: /port:23053 /pass:""password"""

Download growlnotify command line script for Windows