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Setup W7 Caller ID to work with Asterisk and SIP VOIP. No modem required. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 3:16:00 PM Categories: Asterisk VOIP
If you have Asterisk compatible VOIP phone service here are the instructions on how to set it up to work with our application without the analog modem.
  • Download and Install AsteriskWin32 from the following location
  • Download configuration templates
  • Copy ‘extensions.conf’ and ‘sip.conf’ files to the following folder:
  • Add a new Network Listener:

  • Update IP address and Port of ‘extensions.conf’  with values from previous step and “sipuser” with your VOIP user name.
  • Update “sipuser”, “password”, “10123456789”, “” of ‘sip.config’  with values provided from your VOIP provider. You phone number goes where “10123456789” is and “” is your provider IP address and port.
  • Run C:\cygroot\bin\asterisk.exe. Later you can setup it to run as a windows service(run from the command line as administrator “C:\cygroot\bin\asterisk.exe –I”)
In the next release a drop call and block unwanted calls functionality will be added for full Asterisk support.